Prestige NY Team Walking and Donating to Defeat Lupus

The Prestige NY team recently took part in a Lupus Alliance of Long Island/Queens fundraiser, and was a corporate sponsor of the event. Jessica I., the company president, stated that the whole team was eager to participate.

​The company culture of Prestige NY has community service as a core value. Jessica indicated that her team takes giving back seriously. That is why, when giving the opportunity to help with the fight against lupus, every associate of the firm stepped up in a big way. The team raised over $8,000 in sponsorships as well as making a separate $1,000 contribution in Prestige NY’s name.

“When we find a cause we believe in, we do whatever we can to help,” Jessica said. “The 22nd Annual Walk-Along for Lupus was a great opportunity to help others. We immediately decided that we would set up a team and raise sponsorships. Our goal was $6,000 but by applying the very skills we use in our outreach campaigns, we were able to raise $8,396!”

According to Jessica, the ability to help out in significant ways truly energized the entire team. “Even the team members who didn’t do the Walk-Along helped out,” she stated. “Some of our Prestige NY associates painted faces, set up the event, and ran booths. It is so rewarding to lead a team that cares this much about the community.”

Lupus is a disorder of the immune system, and can be present in a number of ways. Systemic lupus erythematosus affects over 1.5 million people in the United States and causes serious – sometimes life-threatening – issues. The Lupus Alliance of Long Island/Queens’ mission is to help find a cure as well as improve quality of life for people living with lupus.

Prestige NY’s President Discusses the Importance of Community Service

Jessica indicated that Prestige NY’s team regularly participates in community service activities. Every few months, associates pick a few possible causes to support and collectively choose one or more on which to focus. Their efforts may take the form of financial contributions, volunteer work, or as in the case of the Walk-Along, a combination of both.

“Everyone is involved in choosing what we will do, so we get great buy-in,” Jessica said. “This isn’t something that team members are just expected to do, it is something they are excited to do. Many times, we choose causes that are somehow close to us, so generally the whole team will really go all out to show support.”

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