Prestige NY Helps Career-Minded People Grow

The leaders at Prestige NY make professional development a high priority. The company president discussed the value of career-mindedness. She also explained how it benefits team members as well as the firm.

“This year has been the best ever for Prestige NY,” said Jessica I., the company’s president. “I have an outstanding team to thank for it. My colleagues and I do everything we can to contribute to their professional and personal growth.”

Jessica acknowledged the complex world of business, pointing out that it changes on a constant basis. She makes sure her people learn and innovate to keep up with the latest trends. “If I didn’t help the progression of my associates, I would be doing both the team and the company a huge disservice,” she stated. “If they don’t advance, the organization doesn’t either. There’s simply no room for stagnation in this industry.”

Everyone at Prestige NY is held to high expectations. The newest hires to the most experienced managers should convey career-mindedness, as opposed to minimal interest in little more than a paycheck. To help prepare them for long-term success, everyone who joins the firm completes a rigorous training program. It includes an individualized coaching system as well. Even after the initial learning period, however, the group attends educational sessions on an ongoing and consistent basis. Topics cover everything from presentation skills and leadership to finance and customer service.

"Of course, a challenging and rewarding career benefits our people on a personal level as well,"

Jessica, President

“Of course, a challenging and rewarding career benefits our people on a personal level as well,” Jessica indicated. “Our team members assert that their work here has boosted their confidence and self-esteem. Research has found that fulfilling work improves health and overall quality of life, too!”

Professional Development at Prestige NY Contributes to Company Success

According to Jessica, management’s emphasis on career growth has a positive effect on not only the group, but on the organization as a whole. “When people have the knowledge, skills, confidence, and other resources they need to excel, they perform to their fullest potential,” she continued. “As a result, we produce the best campaigns in the field, exceeding the goals for all the brands we serve – and plenty of new ones as well.”

“At the rate we’re going, 2016 is going to be an amazing year for Prestige NY,” Jessica concluded. “I couldn’t be more proud. Our investment in our people really separates us from our competition. Expertly trained and enthusiastic people really drive business!”

About Prestige NY

Prestige NY is a privately-owned, goal-oriented firm with more than five years of experience in the industry. The company offers customized marketing initiatives that boost consumer engagement, brand awareness, and market share growth. Its history of success in the advertising sector has enabled the firm to expand geographically, strengthening its ability to help clients to connect with their audiences in wider regions and across the nation through dynamic channels of promotion. Its reach has also facilitated new and important partnerships with other businesses that further ensure the success of the brands it represents. A commitment to its core values has set Prestige NY apart from its competitors, allowing the firm to continue to assist clients with long-term growth.