Prestige NY Discusses Conference and Travel Opportunities

Prestige NY's president highlighted the team's most recent professional development opportunities, as well as the benefits of attending conferences.

“Professional growth is by far one of our biggest priorities at Prestige NY,” said Jessica I., the company’s president. “We attend every training, retreat, and conference possible. Last month we sent some of our highest achievers to a national conference. It proved to be a great time for attendees to learn about the latest tips and tricks in the business, and they networked with some influencers as well. We’re already looking forward to the next one.”

Jessica further indicated that several of Prestige NY’s hardest-working team members attended a conference in California. It was specifically geared toward professionals who serve the wireless industry. Leader Sasha R., assistant manager Maritza M., and manager Alexio R. participated, along with Chris V. and Rory.

“That’s not all!” Jessica stated. “We also traveled to a meeting in Las Vegas. Those who have been reaching their goals and helping grow the team were present. They learned quite a bit about the automotive firms we serve, and how to expand the impact of their outreach campaigns into new markets.”

"I also think it's worth noting that even those who don't attend conferences benefit from them,"

Jessica I, President

President of Prestige NY Describes the Positive Outcomes of Conference Attendance

“There’s a reason my colleagues and I at Prestige NY feel so strongly about going to these types of functions – quite a few reasons, actually,” Jessica continued. “Obviously, learning is one of the biggest benefits of doing so. Not only are there countless breakout sessions and workshops on highly relevant topics, but casual interactions with fellow attendees can really offer a lot of insight.”

According to Jessica, the chance to network is another big motivation to go to conferences. The team meets potential business partners, vendors, and team members. They even enjoy increased business referrals and possible coaches as results of engaging in such functions. The value of making these contacts and staying in touch with them lasts for years.

“I also think it’s worth noting that even those who don’t attend conferences benefit from them,” Jessica concluded. “With the rise of social media, team members who remain in the office while their colleagues go to these events use the power of hashtags to follow blogs, live feeds, and other coverage. Then, our people return to Prestige NY with plenty of learning materials. They train their colleagues using the content, so everyone wins!”

About Prestige NY

Prestige NY is a privately-owned, goal-oriented firm with more than five years of experience in the industry. The company offers customized marketing initiatives that boost consumer engagement, brand awareness, and market share growth. Its history of success in the advertising sector has enabled the firm to expand geographically, strengthening its ability to help clients to connect with their audiences in wider regions and across the nation through dynamic channels of promotion. Its reach has also facilitated new and important partnerships with other businesses that further ensure the success of the brands it represents. A commitment to its core values has set Prestige NY apart from its competitors, allowing the firm to continue to assist clients with long-term growth.