Prestige NY Celebrates Promotion and Conference Showing

The team at Prestige NY is currently celebrating two achievements. Managers would like to congratulate Kelli M. on her promotion to assistant manager and the team on their positive representation at the national quarterly conference.

This has been a great month, noted Jessica I., Prestige NYs president. Im proud of my team and what theyve accomplished recently. It is such as an honor to be their leader.

Kelli was promoted based on her amazing work ethic, growth-oriented mind-set, and phenomenal attitude through her management training program, said Jessica. She has really brought passion and dedication to her team. Kelli is overall a great example for the office.

According to Jessica, Kelli's three top strengths are building relationships, putting forth 100 percent effort, and motivating others. Her ultimate goal for career advancement is to open her first office in North Carolina on the FW1 campaign, cited Jessica. Her other goals are to open at least five offices in the United States in the next three years. By 2019, Kelli wants to open her first office overseas in Prague!

Jessica added that Kelli represents the ideal Prestige NY team member. Kelli is truly dedicated to her job, she noted. She is someone who grasped this opportunity and ran with it.

Prestige NY Team Attends National Quarterly Conference

In addition to Kellis promotion, Jessica reported that several team members from Prestige NY were proudly in attendance at the national quarterly conference. We had several top representatives participating in this event, she said. They were able to network with the best of the best in our field. The conference is attended by associates from several offices across the country.

This quarter, five team members from the FW1 campaign attended, including Nick P., Mike O., Jeff L., Sean O., and Mike H. In addition, Nelson R. and Travis B. from the firms telecom campaign division participated. These guys not only represented our branch of the company, but they also learned information that they were able to bring back and share with their fellow team members, Jessica noted.

This is has been a great year thus far, she said. I look forward to many more reports on our team members doing great. Well be attending more quarterly conferences and similar events. As we head into the fourth quarter, I feel confident that our year will end well and well be ready to take on 2016 stronger than ever.

About Prestige NY

Prestige NY is a privately-owned, goal-oriented firm with more than five years of experience in the industry. The company offers customized marketing initiatives that boost consumer engagement, brand awareness, and market share growth. Its history of success in the advertising sector has enabled the firm to expand geographically, strengthening its ability to help clients to connect with their audiences in wider regions and across the nation through dynamic channels of promotion. Its reach has also facilitated new and important partnerships with other businesses that further ensure the success of the brands it represents. A commitment to its core values has set Prestige NY apart from its competitors, allowing the firm to continue to assist clients with long-term growth.