Prestige NY Welcomes New Human Resources Assistant

Prestige NY’s President discussed the firm’s new human resources assistant and the qualities she brings to the job. She also highlighted the company’s training program.

Prestige NY continues to grow at a steady rate, and the need for additional team members has become apparent. Jessica, the company President, remarked, “We recently welcomed Jennifer as our new human resources assistant. She is excited to learn and grow along with Prestige NY. She has a unique background that will serve her well in her pursuits.”

In explaining the path that led her to the firm, Jennifer stated, “I studied criminal justice, and I also have a lot of work-related experience to draw on as I complete the Prestige NY training program. I’ve been in customer service for more than 10 years and I’ve also done some marketing work in the past. I’m ready to bring my bubbly attitude to every day on the job and deliver wins for the companies we represent!” 

The President remarked, “Jennifer loved creating opportunities for others in her experiences in the marketing field. She’s prepared to do the same for us and motivate her teammates along the way.” Jennifer is also a fast learner, which will be an asset as she refines her skill set and becomes accustomed to the Prestige NY culture.

Prestige NY’s President Outlines the Firm’s Expansive Training Approach

An in-depth training approach prepares new Prestige NY hires to thrive in their roles. Jessica remarked, “We call our training initiative our Young Entrepreneur Program, and it focuses on real-world experience. From an individual’s first days with our company, he or she dives right in and gets involved with important projects.” This immersive approach helps new additions get comfortable applying their unique talents in our fast-moving workspace.

The training program also provides personalized coaching from senior executives. “We allow our new hires to learn technical and leadership skills from accomplished people within our firm,” the President added. “This coaching system is tailored to each individual in order to quickly bolster confidence.”

More hiring is in the future for Prestige NY. Jessica stated, “We are looking for business-minded people who are committed to constant improvement. We have several major markets in our sights for expansion. That means there will be a plethora of openings over the next several months. Anyone interested in a fulfilling professional challenge in a growth atmosphere should check out our website.”

About Prestige NY:

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