Prestige NY to Open New Office, Welcomes New Business

The Prestige NY team is excitedly awaiting the opening of their new office while they gear up to represent Inspire Energy, the newest business in their vast portfolio. The consulting and marketing firm looks forward to more growth.

“We’re heading into the fourth quarter in great shape,” stated Jessica, Prestige NY’s President. “We’ve landed a new business to which we’re looking forward to delivering our best service. Our future for 2017 appears bright.”

Jessica shared that five Prestige NY team members would be leading the new territory. “Justin, Erica, Jeremy, Daniel, and Joseph will be taking the lead with this new office,” she said. “We couldn’t be happier for them as they venture into helping Inspire Energy expand their market.”

According to Jessica, the team is looking forward to representing the renewable energy firm. “Their values about providing outstanding service closely align with ours,” she explained. “They provide residents and businesses with clean, affordable energy that comes from the wind and sun. These sources are abundant and consistent with creating a green planet. It’s motivating to know we’re doing our part to promote a better environment.”

In addition to Inspire Energy, Jessica elaborated on the firm’s plans to continue expansion into next year. “The opportunity to grow so fast is huge!” she exclaimed. “We would like to have two new offices opened by March 1, 2017.”

Prestige NY President Discusses Growth and Job Opportunities

As Prestige NY continues to grow, Jessica noted that she expects to see the team expand as well. “We will be looking for dedicated consulting and marketing professionals to become part of our organization,” she said. “In particular, we’ll be recruiting individuals whose core values align with ours. We are 110 percent committed to providing the companies we represent with the utmost in excellence, and will settle for nothing less.”

According to Jessica, the current team consists of collaborative individuals who are hardworking and motivated. “We have a true family environment at Prestige NY,” she explained. “Therefore, we work and play hard together. It’s the secret to our success. Each one of us revels in attaining our goals and helping our teammates excel as well. We give it our all and celebrate our victories.”

Extensive experience is not needed according to Jessica, who noted that the company has a thorough training and coaching program for new associates. “We make sure our incoming people have the resources and knowledge they need on the products and services we represent, as well as the techniques we employ that drive impact. Someone who is willing to put forth strong efforts and learn will do well.”

“We’re ending 2016 on a very high note,” Jessica concluded. “There’s no doubt 2017 will be our best year yet.”

Source: Prestige NY