Prestige NY Highlights Young Entrepreneur Program

The President of Prestige NY announced a new company program, and recognized one of her assistant managers. The assistant manager discussed his inspiration and leadership strategies.

 “There’s always something exciting happening here at Prestige NY,” said Jessica, the firm’s President. “Our biggest project right now is the Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP). Through this initiative, young and motivated individuals gain the necessary tools and learn all the best practices for running a successful business.”

Jessica explained that the objective of YEP is to position the participants for long-term success, whether through leadership roles at Prestige NY or by running their own businesses. She reported that the program has proven quite valuable so far, with three of the organization’s assistant managers thriving as a result of their involvement in it.

Prestige NY President Shines the Spotlight on a Successful Assistant Manager

“Nelson, one of our assistant managers, is another success story,” Jessica continued. “He’s come a long way since joining the Prestige NY team, and he shows no signs of slowing down. He’s always happy to discuss his career, too.”

When asked about the business leaders who inspire him most, Nelson cites two of his colleagues. Alexio has shown him how to use the opportunities provided at the firm to stimulate his passions. They get together on a weekly basis, and Alexio helps Nelson stay focused on his sales and team-building goals.

“Sal inspires me a lot as well,” Nelson added. “We both value the philosophy of the management structure here, as well as the coaching and training. Great minds work alike! In addition to Alexio and Sal, I’m inspired by Patrick Bet-David. He has a lot of real-life experience as an entrepreneur in a world of failures and success. I appreciate his approach to running a business from the bottom up – from recruiting, mentoring, and daily and monthly forecasting and planning. He knows how to run a business so it runs itself. I really enjoy listening to his online seminars for tips on maintaining a positive mentality and other business leadership knowledge.”

Nelson’s career philosophies come from his life experiences, which include time in the military and former management roles. The structure he gained from that work drives his present success, especially his ability to train and develop others. He even created a business training module that helps him structure and implement goals.

“I’m honored to help team members master new skills,” Nelson indicated. “I handle roll call, biweekly team meetings, associate retention, and group workshops. I enjoy every bit of it. In the process, I strive to model enthusiasm, loyalty, passion, attitude, discipline, respect, honesty, and integrity.”

“Nelson does an excellent job of hitting his sales promotion goals,” Jessica concluded. “He leads by example, and teaches the art of doing so to others. He is strong in the areas of work ethic and discipline as well, working efficiently in both the field and the office, and taking an analytical approach to problems instead of responding with emotion. Nelson really is doing great things for this company.”

"All of the leaders in our company are a great inspiration. Specifically, the one I'm closest with Jessica, Prestige NY's President. She has done so much in so little time. She is a great motivation for anyone and one day I Inspire to be better! My parents are a great inspiration for me as well because of how they have always been there for me no matter what! I believe in hard work paying off. Input equals output. What I put in is what I'm going to get out. My most successful strategies have been leading by example, hard work, and believe in the system that I've been taught." Justin concluded, another one of Prestige NY's assistant managers.

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